Sunday, 3 January 2016

Beginning the new Life Story quilt

A very happy New Year to everyone - I hope it will be happy, healthy and peaceful for you...and creative of course!

Now that the dust of celebrating has settled, I've started on a new Life Story quilt. I've drawn it out onto paper, but it's huge (about 8 foot by 5 foot) so is difficult to stand back and look at it properly. I've divided it into pieces (approximately 9) in order to piece, applique, stitch and paint in sections.

Here's the first little bit which will be in the top right hand corner. It's American piecing - straight and curved - and the lines are supposed to be slightly wobbly as I purposely didn't use a ruler.

The centre piece is white cotton as it will have applique on top of it along with stitch and paint.

It's called the Futility of Self Worth, but I'm trying not to make it autobiographical...or at least only in passing.

It's a vehicle for some portrait and figurative work.