Saturday, 16 January 2016

Painting technique - extreme close up!

Working a large wall hanging in sections means that you have to be careful to get the colours and tones balanced across the whole, and don't do each piece as a separate thing.

Much as I loved the vibrant colours of this one (something that surprised me btw!) it didn't sit harmoniously with the other section - it was too bright. I also wanted it to sit within the quilt without drawing masses of attention from the main subject. I either had to knock it back, or start again on the other piece.

 Knocking back usually involves over painting with a wash of colour -sometimes with the opposite of the one on the colour wheel, so for example, red on green. In this case I used 2/3 coats of neutral wash.

The results were surprizing and happened because the first coats of paint were unusually (for me anyway) quite thick. Although they had coloured the cloth, absorption wasn't uniform and the wash took in some places better than others. If you saw me painting at Festival of Quilts in the summer, you'll know that I use very watery paint.

To some this is a fail. To me it was enormous joy as it enables me to get texture and a painterly effect. It's something I will do again. Here it is in extreme close up - to me, it's thrilling! I shall be experimenting more to try and get better brush strokes.