Sunday, 24 January 2016

Portrait 4 and Portrait 4.5

All the portraits are of the same person, and this is number 4. It's pen and acrylic wash.

This is portrait 4.5 and you may be able to guess why! It's not really a portrait is it, but just a depiction of one of the latest cosmetic surgery crazes....split tongues.


  1. Had to look up tongue splitting and reading the procedure made me gag. :( Found your quilts and blog via a post from someone else with What have you done today dear which I loved. It caught my eye as I have a feeling I might look like the quilted lady if I quilted naked.

    1. Ooo yes I agree but there's far worse. Don't read this next bit if anyone is feeling a bit delicate.. There's a tribe that likes to amputate limbs because they think they look better without them, and someone who has had a hole put in the side of his face so you can see his teeth, and then had his tongue redirected to go out of the hole instead of the front of his face. Human beings can be very odd. Thanks for the comment about Lfe 4!