Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Go Figure

I'm going to start work for the next Through Our Hands exhibition at Festival of Quilts 2017.  It's a chance for me to champion the figurative quilt and in particular portraiture.

This morning I took an old, unfinished piece from the junk pile, and decided to stretch it a bit over a canvas. I'd like to produce a wall of these - FaceWall - a slight pun on Facebook. It's something I can build over the next year and change styles and subjects for it as I go.

Here's the unfinished one from the junk bin for an idea. I'm fairly confident that with the process I have in mind, it will be wrinkle free - or as wrinkle free as a textile like this can ever be!


  1. What does this one say? She looks a bit disgruntled.

  2. This was a half finished piece that was going to be part of a larger quilt about the relentless tide of dinner and the words talk about how many meals you'd make in a lifetime.