Saturday, 19 March 2016

I forgot to eat anything.

Do you know, I had to check the dishwasher for a dirty plate, because I completely forgot whether or not I'd eaten anything. I'm always hungry so that's no guide really. That's what happens when you're having a day off and a couple of hours playing around with some paint.

I wanted a break from the latest life quilt, and I recently saw a huge clump of bullrushes and they inspired me to make some monoprints. Nothing resolved, just mucking about.

On paper

and on fabric. If you watch DMTV you'll probably guess what I'm going to do with these! If not, I'm going to do a spot of collage and stitch into them somehow.

 I like these which happened by chance - looks like mountains in a watery landscape. Fortuitous accident.

I then decided to do a spot of multi coloured monoprint using two pieces of paper one at a time, one to take the a positive and the other a negative. They look quite different.

Needless to say I much prefer the "negative" one. It's not really negative but I'm not sure how else to describe it. It's the print taken after the first one has had it's stencils lifted off.

 Love the vibrant red in this one.

And fabric again below. They might need chopping into to save the best bits!

Next, will be stamping. I decided I couldn't have had lunch after all as there isn't a dirty plate, so I'm off to trough some cake.


  1. Cake is food, ok not necessarily the most nutritious, but with this amount of activity you'll be needing all that sugar.

    And yes, recently subscribed to DMTV so I know exactly what you are doing. Do you use Golden acrylics as well?

    1. I use all sorts of paint Hilary. For these I used Open Acrylics which work well with monoprints. For the fabrics I used leftover bits of fabric paints - various makes. I have used Golden fluid and ordinary acrylics and both work well I find.